Sunday, 7 July 2013


TANNING MOM PATRICIA KRENTCIL, seen here running amok in an interview on CNN, is in treatment for alcoholism. Which I'm beginning to think is just the tip of the meth iceberg.

Tanning Mom has been rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure Saturday while in rehab for treatment for an alcohol addiction. She was sent to rehab after getting hammered and causing a scene at an airport, which will put a crimp in her efforts to earn money by appearing in gay porn and recording shite rap songs to pay off legal bills she accumulated fighting charges that she brought her five-year-old into a tanning booth and ... wow. You know what? My typing fingers just seized up. I don't think anyone was meant to process this much insane information or try to understand this much stupidity. We're just not built for it. Tanning Mom, I'm sorry. Until you take up some kind of normal celebrity antics like naming your kid North West or tweeting a daily photo of your butt, I just don't think I know what to do with you, here. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well I, for one, can't get enough of her. Check out this astonishing video in which she molests every hot mess category known to man ... and invents a few new ones.