Monday, 22 July 2013


CLICK HERE for more pix from Terry Richardson's wasted day with Sofia.
Terry Richardson must be stopped. The man is giving me nightmares. Not only does the celebrity photographer (think Annie Leibovitz but with smaller balls, more edge and more meth) seem to take sick pleasure in making beautiful women unattractive, but he also appears to find Jared Leto sexually desirable (which NOBODY other than Jared Leto does). Plus he did this weird thing with Lilo, which was about as smart as saying: "Here, Kris Jenner, here's a baby girl; now don't go doin' anything crazy with it!" Some say the man is a genius. I beg to differ, unless you insert the word "evil" in there. Then I might allow it. I mean he was locked in a room with nothing but Sofia Vergara and cameras for an entire afternoon, and this is what he came out with. Please. Sofia's breasts worked way too hard to be famous to be treated like this.