Monday, 29 July 2013


In a perfect world, Sydney Leathers' opinion on anything wouldn't matter to anyone. But this is not a perfect world said Anthony Weiner's wife, so the little slut is making headlines the world over because she apparently thinks the Wein should "pull out" of New York's mayoral race.
(Beneath me, but worth it.)

Yes, the girl who became famous for sexting pics of her ass, and more shockingly, accepting pics of Anthony's weiner (again, beneath me; three times and I will officially scold myself) has been making the interview rounds to say she thinks the married leg-humper is a "disgusting" pervert who can't be trusted with a mayoralty, let alone with a cellphone. (Hello Pot. Meet Kettle. And here's a pic of Kettle's penis.)

Leathers also had tears of apology for Weiner's wife, Huma, and in an interview with TMZ said: "Whatever his wife does is her decision, but I would leave him." Well to leave him, first one would have to have him, which you don't, you ass-texting ninny, so hopefully the tell-all book you plan on getting rich off of will be followed by a companion piece on relationship advice for people who don't have a relationship, because that is clearly your second-best area of expertise. 

Anyway, I'm sure her mad round of interviews will only help Weiner's bid to become mayor of New York and if it doesn't, he can always give Toronto a try, because we have a history of electing the most embarrassing candidate on the list. Which is great news for Adam Giambrone.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did I ever tell you about the time Mel Lastman texted me a pic of his penis?
MY NOTE: Can you wait till I finish throwing up at the thought of Anthony Weiner's sexts before you make me throw up over Mel Lastman?