Friday, 23 August 2013


RAPPER 2 CHAINZ rudely made police wait nine hours to arrest him when he locked himself in his tour bus in Atlanta. In his defence, you can't rush a good bong session.

Rapper 2 Chainz has been arrested, again. I can pretty much trot out that headline every week but what makes this time different is that he made even more of a spectacle of himself than usual by locking himself in his tour bus for nine hours after being pulled over for suspected drug use. (I'm sure he was just doing some yoga and paperwork the whole time.) 
When a sufficient crowd had gathered search warrant had been obtained, 2 Chainz allowed himself to be taken off the bus and made "an obscene gesture" to the enthralled onlookers. I believe this is known in hood parlance as "boosting one's street cred, yo."  
Click here to watch a thrilling video of the ridiculous ordeal. Because he would just LOVE it if you did.