Monday, 26 August 2013


WHAT A TOTAL CUTIE! An angelic face, an impish twinkle in her eye, a smile that would melt the Arctic ice cap if there were anything left to melt ... and that hat! It sets her whole look off.

Some of you may remember how I totally cornholed the awesome pastime of "camping" in a recent post. And since I do that fairly frequently, let me be more specific about which post I'm referring to. This one right here. Yes, this little bit of cheekiness got me sent to the friendship gulag for a good few weeks, because apparently most people some people are nicer than I am and didn't think it was very good form to shit all over a lovely weekend and the lovely people who lovingly planned it.

And since saying "sorry" was out of the question (just ask my specialest ex, who is still waiting for me to utter that one little word or at the very least pay for the headlights I put out with one well-deserved swing of a bat, not that that's even remotely relevant, in fact why the fuck did I even bring it up?) ... er ... well once again, I seem to have digressed myself into a psychotic fog and can't remember where I was going with this. *thumps own head with afore-mentioned bat* Ah yes! The camping!

Well wouldn't you know it, the darlings actually let me back into their campground, and this time I came away with a completely different impression. For one thing, it was daytime. The place looked lush and gorgeous, everybody was relaxed and chatty and super-friendly.
For another thing, the darlings brought their children this time. And you guys! I'd forgotten how incredible five-year-olds can be. This little girl right here (above) will steal your heart when you're not looking. 

She and I had some very interesting talks about the thrill of entering senior kindergarten, the perils of trying to keep up with an older brother, the bittersweet agony of curly hair and though she's a bit young for tequila shots I have a feeling she and I may someday bond over those as well. In fact, and I can hardly believe I'm even writing this, I had such a good time I somehow found myself standing in the campground office inquiring about trailers for sale. 
Not for rent. For sale
Jesus Christ, people. Now I know what witchcraft feels like.