Wednesday, 28 August 2013


And not just because the new season 
could use some drama and since 
he can't seem to get her pregnant, 
sudden-onset crack addiction 
will just have to do. 

I had been  ignoring the rumours that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are over because, not that I'm counting or anything but how many times have they been over since they got together now? A hundred and eleventy? Thereabouts? 

But this time it appears to be for reals because Lamar has suddenly become a crack addict.

Actually, the story is that he's been a closet crackhead for two years now but Khloe was keeping it a secret and none of the three dozen paps that follow every Kardashian's every move ever suspected a thing. It wasn't until Lamar started blatantly cheating on Khloe by "acting very available" and holing up in hotels with sluts that this whole crack addict story got cooked up leaked out.
And now suddenly, it's really REALLY over.

Except, hang on, Khloe is still wearing that ring as big as a seven-gram rock and Lamar is skulking around again after going whoring missing for seven days, so maybe it's not over after all. But Lamar is definitely a crack addict. That part is definitely true. For now.

Editor's Note: But ... if Lamar were really a crackhead, wouldn't he have stolen and pawned that ring by now? And wouldn't one of his dealers have come forward trying to sell their story by now? And ...
My Note: See your mistake is, you're trying to make sense of the Kardashians. That's like trying to hold back the twerking power of Miley Cyrus's goat arse. It can't be done.