Monday, 12 August 2013


KANYE'S UNSELLABLE HOME And I don't know why I was expecting good taste from someone who knocked up Kim Kardashian, but DAMN this is ugly! 
And on this solemn day, while we are all already on our knees praying for Chris Brown, who fainted because of all the media "negativity" surrounding his complete refusal to give even the tiniest of shits about what a jerk he is, may we also say a prayer for another misunderstood demi-god, Kanye West. 
Yes, Kanye, despite the fact that he is practically Jesus (just ask him) is having real estate troubles. He can't sell his bachelor pad. He's lowered the price twice, he's basically giving it away for just $3.3 million, and still he can't convince anyone to take it off his godlike hands. 
No one can figure out what's going on here. What could possibly be causing this house to not sell? It's a mystery, wrapped in a conundrum, wrapped in tacky Hanna-Barbera.

Editor's Note: Maybe it's because it's ugly?
My note: *snickers, looks over shoulder to see if Kanye's listening* Yes, yes, go on ... 
Editor's Note: It's hideous. It's ghastly. It's absolute shite. Those posters! What are we, twelve? And ... whoa, is that Kanye over there? With a machete?
My note: What? No, no, it's just the sun glinting off that framed picture of Jesus of Nazareth. Go on ...