Thursday, 1 August 2013



You've got to hand it to Rihanna, she sure knows how to work a selfie. And let me tell you (from shameless personal experience), selfies aren't as easy as they look. Unless, of course, you're 25 and you look better without makeup than most of us look after a full head transplant. Riri has just returned home from her Diamonds tour in Europe which went very well, she hardly hit any fans and enjoyed a lot of nudity time and no sooner had she walked in her front door than the clothes came off and the camera came out. She posted this photo, titled: "she. Morning face." Oh, dear, sweet, Rihanna. Instagram has missed you almost as much as you missed it.

Editor's note: Morning face? She's wearing a ball cap and diamonds and nothing else!
My note: You've never had a woman sleep over, have you?

Related: Your selfie is nice enough, Riri, but mine was taken in a bathroom. Edgy! See post below.