Friday, 16 August 2013


OH, THAT'S JUST LADY GAGA, exercising in the nude in the woods. As we all do. 
Marina Abramovic Institute via Vimeo

I have no idea who Marina Abramovic is but after seeing what she convinced Gaga to do I'm just going to assume she's the ghost of Rasputin. I suggest you all do the same. Then we might have a fighting chance. 

This 66-year-old hippie weirdo has developed some bullshit "method" designed to help performance artists "grow." It appears to be complete hokum that involves doing trancercise in the nude in forests, posing suggestively on crystals the size of 10-year-olds, wearing horns on your eyes and chanting. Lots and lots of chanting. 

So of course, Gaga couldn't wait to get in on that because seriously, do you know how hard it is to be that freakin' weird on a consistent basis? I don't, particularly, but I can imagine. I mean it totally burned Marilyn Manson out after two albums (thank God), so hooking up with Rasputin and her treasure chest of dismembered Russian performance artists? BING-O!

Rasputin's website explains that her method "increases artists' awareness of their physical and mental experience in the moment." Yeah, I have a method for that too. It's called booze. But hey, who am I to snark, because I don't see Gaga getting buck-naked and humping crystals in MY living room, so there you go. 
You've simply got to see this video to fully grasp the extent to which Gaga's marbles have been lost. It's so creepy it's priceless.