Wednesday, 6 January 2016


WORDS FAIL ME and that doesn't happen very often, so you know this is gonna be good. (Video below)

I have the best, the best, THE VERY FRIGGIN BEST TGIF present ever for you guys. The best! Let me see, how can I describe this? It starts off with you watching it and thinking, "Good Lord, will this twerking phenomenon never stop? Will it not rest until it has eaten the brains and twerked the butts of ALL our teenage daughters? Will this not end until Michelle O-goddam-Bama herself twerks to the national anthem while Barack smacks her ass and her daughters look on in horror?" (That could actually happen, and we would have this silly twat to thank for it.)

But within seconds, it disintegrates into the best video you've ever seen, with the gods of sanity (except that they appear to be very right-wing-focused, so "sanity" might not be the right word) wreaking vengeance on this barely legal ninny who decided that perfecting her twerk was a better use of her day than, say, homework. Or Bible studies. Or even just redecorating her hideously tacky room. But there, I've overspoken, as usual. Just watch the video and prepare to laugh your arse off. It's easier on the butt than twerking ...