Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Johnny Depp blond
 BFI London Film Festival Awards
 Okay that’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Someone needs to take custody of Johnny Depp away from Johnny Depp, because the man either does not know or does not care that he is hot. 

I mean fer feck’s sake. For months we had to put up with him swanning around in lavender-tinted glasses and gypsy scarves, looking unkempt and unshaven and as if he constantly reeked of hippie urine. 

Now he's finally shaved and ditched the scarves, and then he goes and dyes his hair blond. And not even a nice blond, but a vomitous, brassy hue that can only be described as “yeller.” What is this, sarcasm? For the last time, guys, BLOND IS FOR GIRLS. OKAY? GIRLS!

PHOTO: The DEPPths of Sexiness debuted his new look at the BFI London Film Festival Awards on Saturday, where he  presented someone with an award for something or other. I don’t friggin’ know, I’m still trying to get past the abomination that is his hair, people.