Monday, 28 October 2013


Rihanna, GQ, Katy Perry, whorrified,
RIHANNA and FRIEND on cover of British GQ 

Katy Perry has added her voice to a growing chorus of celebrities urging their female peers to cover up and stop acting like whores for cheap publicity (which, coming from Katy Perry, whose breasts never met a zoom lens they didn't like, is pretty rich). 

Perry attributes her sudden-onset demureness to "growing up," which I'm going to go ahead and assume means surviving marriage to a sex addict, being cheated on and dumped by said sex addict and then moving on to the second most notorious womanizer in Hollywood, who was probably attracted to her by the two things she has now decided to never show him again. I'm sure that relationship will end well. 

In the meantime, let's enjoy this pic of Rihanna not giving a rat's ass about her former pal Katy's request by posing stark naked, with a snake, for the cover of British GQ.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Shouldn't we have had a photo of Katy Perry with this story instead?
MY NOTE: God, no. Not since she went all Amish on us.