Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I KNOW THIS LOOKS BAD, but that's only because you plebes don't understand the ways of greatness. (They're called 'beasts of burden' for a reason, people.) 
Justin Bieber visited the Great Wall of China and was so overwhelmed by the spirituality of it all he immediately reverted to his infancy and insisted on being carried by his bodyguards. "My wegs hurt," he was heard to whimper, just before sticking his thumb in his mouth and wetting all over the poor bastards' shoulders. It's what emperors do.
A clueless fan misread the whole scenario and posted this pic to Instagram in the hopes that people would be outraged by the mollycoddling. Au contraire, my little shit disturber. It only makes us love him more.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Is he ... good lord, is he texting? He's texting! ("Hi Ma! I'm in chinky chinky China, lolz!")
MY NOTE: Again: emperor behaviour. You people don't get it.