Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Nigella Lawson, Charles Saatchi,
CHARLES SAATCHI NOW SAYS NIGELLA LAWSON, seen here in happier times, snorted coke the whole time they were married. Which I'm calling total bullshit while simultaneously noting that if anything would drive one to a coke habit, it would be being married to this guy. 

So Charles Saatchi, the creepy geezer who choked celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and then divorced her because she wouldn't tell everybody she likes it when he does that, has found a marvelous new outlet for his misogyny: gross character assault. The Guardian says the noted art collector filed court papers alleging he has suddenly realized his ex-wife was a coke-snorting pothead the whole time they were married and the only reason he never knew about it is because she gave her assistants his credit cards and told them to run mad with them. A bribe, I believe he's calling it. Although one would think that a man as intelligent as he seems to think he is would have been suspicious of $600,000 worth of credit card purchases, let alone his wife's presumably coke-addled behaviour, long before it conveniently became a pawn in his battle for Nigella's millions. But then again, I've never enjoyed the therapeutic throttle of a loving husband's elderly hand in public, so what do I know? I'm not trying to choose sides, here. Although I do know what real drug users look like and it's this. TEAM NIGELLA!