Monday, 25 November 2013


Seth Rogen, James Franco, Bound 2, Bound 3,
KANYE IS NOT GOING TO SEE THE HUMOUR OF THIS REMAKE of his craptastic new video, Bound 2. Which is precisely why I love it.

Sometimes the brilliance of dudes I assumed were morons astonishes me. Dudes such as James Franco and Seth Rogen, who have made what I would suggest is the video of the year and if it doesn't win that award at the VMAs I'ma rush the stage and grab the microphone out of Taylor Swift's underage hand, yo. 

Because unlike the rest of us, who merely retched and pounded the Stop button when confronted with the self-aggrandizing, self-pleasuring piece of shit that is Kanye's latest video (working title, Bound 2), these two took one look, snickered, grabbed each other's crotch and said, in unison: "LET'S KIMMEL THIS, BRO!" And then made the most epic remake ever. 
If you haven't yet seen Bound 2, starring Kim Kardashian's tits and Kanye's big head, don't bother. Because Seth and James have recreated it, shot for shot, with Seth as Kim and James as Kanye, and totally nailed it. Except for the fact that, unlike Kim, Seth didn't bother to shave his Armenian back hair and unlike Kanye, James Franco doesn't make you fantasize about kicking him with razor-toed cowboy boots. Bound 3: I'ma give it five stars and a wedgie.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Good lord, this is fabulous! And very sexy. I'm willing to bet they went home after this and remade Brokeback Mountain, shot for shot.
MY NOTE: Eew! Where did that come from?
EDITOR'S NOTE: Mission Impossible! I meant Mission Impossible!!! *sobs