Thursday, 14 November 2013


Zac Efron, Rob Ford, That Awkward Moment, Whorrified,
ZAC IN A SCENE FROM REAL LIFE Haha. Kidding. It's a scene from the hilariously a propos That Awkward Moment, whose promo dates Zac has had to postpone because "puddle."

Zac Efron has obviously been paying close attention to Toronto's political goings-on because he, too, has decided his cocaine problem is not a problem despite all evidence to the contrary. (Although to be fair, he didn't reference edible female genitalia but that's because he's gay. Which may be the only thing no one has accused Rob Ford of yet.) So what happened was Zac returned home after two weeks in rehab for a recurring cocaine and molly habit and took such a coke-addled tumble he broke his jaw and had to have it wired shut. (Zac in operating room: You're leavin' the nostrils open though, right?) Zac is stubbornly insisting drugs were in no way involved with this incident. He simply "slipped on a puddle of water" and saw no reason to break his fall with anything other than his jaw. As does anyone who takes a completely sober tumble. "Yet there was no 911 call," TMZ coyly notes, which is basically code for saying he finished snorting the "puddle," then asked Alessandro to hide the wigs, put the dildos away and drive him to the hospital. This isn't rocket science, people.