Saturday, 14 December 2013


KANYE AT THE EXACT MOMENT he kicked out a heckling fan, yelling: "Do I look a f*cking comedian? Don't heckle me; I'm Kanye motherf*cking West!" (And not a serial killer, although I can see how the mask might  confuse you.)

I usually try to confine Kanye's insanity to that little "Daily Yeezus" button over there on the right, but gottdam, sometimes Kanye's crazy is just too BIG for a button, you know? Take his concert in San Antonio last week for example, at which he pulled a Gaga and blindly fumbled his way onstage in a creepy executioner's mask. 

Fans wasted no time igniting his toxic flammable crazy wick by shouting "Take that shit off!" which of course sent his Yeegesty right off the deep end, chiding them ... via autotune, how precious ... for daring to tell him how to deliver his "art." (At which point I would not have been able to stop myself from yelling: "You mean 'art' like a fake Warhol painting of Kim's arse?") And then he had security kick the fan out, but not before first pocketing her ticket money subjecting her to a syphilitic rant about how we should all put up with whatever drools out of his head because he's a Gemini "just like Biggie and Tupak," with one glaring difference which I'm sure George Zimmerman would be happy to fix now that he's out on bail again.

Video: How dare you tell Kanye his creepy magic Gemini mask is creepy?