Wednesday, 11 December 2013


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TIME MAGAZINE NARROWLY AVOIDED CAUSING THE APOCALYPSE by choosing Pope Francis as its Person of the Year instead of Miley Cyrus. This picture might have helped tip the balance in Il Papa's favour. (And if you think that looks like Miley twerking with a midget, that's because it is.)
As the personal blogger of Jesus (doubters, please click here for verification of this known fact, then prepare to burn in the fires of hell) I feel compelled to announce in an ALL-CAPS NEWS BULLETIN that Time Magazine has chosen its person of the year and it is not, thank Christ, Miley Cyrus. Because then I would have had to resign on account of uncontrollable profanity. Although it’s still pretty disturbing that, for a moment there, it was neck-and-neck between an ill-bred, goat-arsed, twerking little hillbilly and the Pope. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: It just occurs to me that if you are the personal blogger of Jesus than I must be the personal Editor of Jesus.
MY NOTE: *thumps Editor with Gideon's Bible stolen from Motel 6* Don't go getting any smart ideas. I know people who can smite people.