Tuesday, 10 December 2013


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Marie Claire's January 2014 issue
I'm guessing that, like me, you have been losing sleep over your inability to give a shit about why Katy Perry and Russell Brand broke up. In which case I either have the cure or the exact opposite, because Katy is finally talking.

Katy says in an interview in the January edition of Marie Claire that the reason their marriage ended is because she wasn't ready to have kids.

Which of course is absolute rubbish because we all know the real reason was that being married to a sex addict who humps the leg of every unshaved hippie he sees and jokes about how he imagines "anyone else" while having sex with his wife was like a lifetime of oozing feces stuffed into a one-year bag. But let's just humour her, shall we? We'll think of it as a kindness, like not telling Demi Moore her kid looks like Mr. Potato Head

EDITOR'S NOTE: One sees this sometimes in trauma survivors: a complete inability to remember the situation as it really was. 
MY NOTE: Which should tell you a lot about what being married to Russell Brand was like.