Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Yes, I'm still on vacation. Not that any of you asked or even wondered, however briefly, where I've been lately. Honestly, I could have been lying here dead for days in my townhouse being consumed by Pig-Face and nobody would give a shit until his assholiness the Dalai Bieber did something stupid and I didn't write about it. That's how little you care. I mean really. If we were married, I'd be giving you the silent treatment right now. *turns away in a huff, waits for apology, dies three days later of dehydration*

EDITOR'S NOTE: Harrumph. I haven't received a paycheque for two weeks. Where the hell IS that horrible boss of mi ... *trips over bloated corpse* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! 
Oh well, I'll just get the neighbours to haul her away. Meanwhile, here are some pics of her latest visit with Piggly Wiggly. I think the expressions on her little face perfectly convey the reaction everyone had whenever this woman walked into a room. It's a fitting way to remember her.