Friday, 21 March 2014


Ireland Baldwin, Alec Baldwin, celebrity hairstyles, Madonna, Whorrified,
IRELAND BALDWIN DYED HER HAIR BLUE and got a gun tattooed on her mani. (Whereas when I was her age I was working at Dairy Queen and saving up for a Ford Pinto. It's hard not to blame my cup size for the way my entire life turned out ...) 

And now, to help wash the taste of Madonna's armpit out of your mouth, please enjoy this image of nubile young Ireland Baldwin's latest hair colour. Which is blue, and which works infinitely better than her former hair colours because almost anything works better than anemic purple or harlotty stripper blonde

Ireland, who through no fault of her own is the child of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, is clearly trying to distract us from noticing that she has no discernible talent whatsoever. (Unless we're calling selfies a talent these days, and frankly, it's starting to look that way.) Fortunately for her, the denizens of this planet don't give a shit about a complete lack of talent, brains or personality as long as it's smothered in cleavage. The kid'll probably be president someday.