Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown, celebrity breakups, whorrified,
YET ANOTHER WOMAN WHO IS FAR TOO GOOD FOR CHRIS BROWN (which would be any woman who isn't a leper, a child molester or a hairy man in a dress) has come to her senses. I'm sure he'll be devastated when he stops bonking the rehab help long enough to think about it. 

And from our ‘Who saw that coming?’ files, we have Karrueche Tran dumping Chris Brown again and hopefully really meaning it this time, because it’s pretty obvious this turd isn’t going anywhere but down the toilet. TMZ reports that Karrueche, who stood by Brown while he was in rehab (before he got kicked out for hitting on the female staff), found dozens of ‘inappropriate texts’ from other women on his phone during their last visit. This is extremely surprising, as anyone who has followed the trajectory of Brown’s turdliness would think he’d have learned to delete his slut-texts by now. 
The good news is that unlike the last woman who snooped on Brown’s phone, Karrueche did not end up posing for a victim mugshot after finding herself on the wrong end of Breezy’s fists. Although she may never be able to look at a slab of baloney ever ever EVER again. In the meantime, please enjoy these hot selfies of Karrueche in a bikini. It's how all of Chris Brown's exes cope with breakups.

EDITOR’S NOTE: *ogles* Oh my. *ogles some more* Well then! Maybe God didn't make a mistake inventing Chris Brown after all.