Tuesday, 18 March 2014


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 GAGA POSTED THIS REVOLTING VISUAL on her website last night. Because apparently people weren't grossed out enough by the earlier visual of her backup dancer barfing on her.

Oh Gaga, Gaga, Gag-Gag ... do you see how the words just mellifluously morph themselves into a synonym for vomit? That can't be a coincidence.

Because while I assiduously ignored Gagag's second-most recent SXSW performance abomination (making her backup dancers puke on her, a reaction I myself have every time I see this "woman" plying her "art") as rigourously as I ignore all her performance abominations, I somehow got blindsided by this one because it crept up on me while I was trolling for news about Mick Jagger's girlfriend hanging herself because she was millions of dollars in debt. (A debt one would like to think Mick could have covered without batting an eyelash indeed what was the point of allowing that liver-spotted lizard access to her vagina if his millions weren't readily available to salve the horror afterwards? but I digress and also pave my own passage to hell while I'm at it. I have an editor who's supposed to stop me from veering this far out of line but he's apparently too busy sexting Zac Efron to give a shit ...) 

So before Satan arrives to take me by the hand and lead me to the netherworld on the plus side, it's gotta be a fuck of a lot warmer than this witch's tit we call Canada and yes I HAVE been drinking because St. Patrick's Day I leave you with this image of Gagag pickling herself in her own bile. I'm told bathwater always turns this colour when confronted with the undead.