Tuesday, 22 April 2014


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OKAY MAYBE THIS ISN'T THE BEST EXAMPLE of Hilaria Baldwin striking random yoga poses because this is exactly how I sit when I'm having my nails done. 
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

In case you didn't already suspect that being married to a violent madman prone to erratic rages might make you a bit ... hm, what would be the sensitive way to phrase it? ... batshit crazy, Hilaria Baldwin has taken to some erratic episodes of her own. Namely, bursting into random, titillating yoga poses. In public. At the drop of a hat. Even by New York's standards, this is fairly bizarre.
Although I suppose it's one way of letting one's violent geezer spouse know that, "Hey, I can move pretty quick if I have to." It also has the desirable effect of registering her on the radar of gossip websites everywhere. That'll come in handy when she inevitably divorces Alec and launches a career of her own. Or has him put down and stuffed. That'd be the more humane thing to do.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well actually it's not that "random"; she's a yoga teacher.
MY NOTE: Right. And my mother was an English teacher but I don't recall her ever standing in the middle of a busy street randomly shrieking Shakespeare at cabbies and what have you. Which, come to think of it, would have been pretty spectacular. "Hie thee hither, good sir! I must needs attend a parent-teacher conference, methinks!"