Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Coco Austin, squats, NW magazine, whorrified, Ice loves Coco,
TODAY I BRING YOU THE ANSWER TO THE TIMELESS QUESTION: 'Why did Coco Austin get breast implants?' No one will accuse me of shying away from the important issues.

For the ones and twos of you who sometimes look at Coco and wonder "Why the hell did she get those massive breast implants?", congratulations. I'm amazed you were able to look away from her massive arse. It's like staring directly into the sun. I'm also happy to report that Coco is finally providing us with a straight answer that reeks of bullshit. The pneumatically enhanced reality star tells NW website, which may or may not have asked, that she got a boob job because she "wanted to take attention away" from her butt. (Although for that to happen, she'd have to stop incessantly lardbombing us with pictures like this.) And I'm not saying I don't believe the big fat liar girl, but I would have sworn she did it because she was tired of falling over backwards all the time. The laws of physics will not be denied.