Wednesday, 2 April 2014


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AN ELEPHANT IN THAILAND HAS MANAGED to accomplish the one thing humans have been unable to do: make Kim Kardashian go away.

A baby elephant is probably being put down right now because it failed to recognize porn star-turned-fashion-icon royalty when in its presence and instead scared the shit out of her. Kim Kardashian encountered the majestic creature while on vacation in Thailand and of course her first thought was: "BIKINI SELFIE!" 
Except that the baby elephant was unaccustomed to the ways of famewhoring and so it raised its trunk and blew air threw it, a perfectly natural act that threw Kim into a pants-wetting panic. And before you indulge in the perfectly natural act of laughing at Kim's ridiculous "cry face," please remember that the last time she saw something that black and wrinkly coming at her she gained 200 pounds and got stretch marks on her cankles.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This reminds me of that other time a celebrity took a selfie with an animal in Thailand.
MY NOTE: Yes. Except that I don't think any handlers were hanged after this incident.