Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Rick Ross, celebrity tattoos, chin tattoo, Rich Forever,
RICK ROSS GOT A NEW CHIN TATT and I have to say he looks like he feels a bit sheepish about it. As well he should.  

You ever look in the mirror and think 'Man, what I need is something permanently and painfully tattooed onto my face"? Yeah, nobody does. Nobody except Mike Tyson. And now we can add prison guard-turned-rapper Rick Ross to that illustrious list. Because in what is either a misspelling of his own name (and frankly, I wouldn’t discount that possibility) or proof he's even more of a dumb-arse than Justin Bieber (and frankly, I wouldn’t discount that possibility either), Ross just got “RICH FOREVER” tatted on his chin. Which seems fairly daft but maybe it's one of those motivating schemes some people have to use on themselves, not unlike me taping pictures of Mother Teresa to my liquor cabinet to remind me not to drunken stupour. It doesn't work, but it pleases my mom and it keeps my moron Editor from raiding it when I'm not around. ("Hmm, I wonder what's in there? *spies Mother Teresa photo, makes the sign of the cross* Huh. Probably just her dildo collection.")