Thursday, 1 May 2014


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PLEASE ENJOY THIS TASTEFUL PHOTO SPREAD OF RIHANNA in Vogue Brasil. (It's too hot for Instagram, but not for you, possums. Never too hot for you.)
Mariano Vivanco/Brazil Vogue/Instagram +badgalriri 

It’s been a minute since I posted anything about Rihanna, mostly because she hasn’t been a flaming, crotch-flashing disaster since she broke up with Chris Brown and took up with Drake. (So it’s true: Canadians ARE boring.) 

But apparently a minx never really changes its spots because here's Riri looking more debauched than ever in a naked photo shoot in the motherland. (You foreigners may know it as Brazil.) Although truth be told, flashing one’s nips and arse in this context isn't all that shocking, because after all it IS Brazil, home of a festival that makes this one look like Crokinole Day at the seniors' home. 

But try telling that to the censorship grannies at Instagram. The social media app has issued a severe warning to Rihanna over the pictures, which she posted to her Instagram account. (Rihanna: It was the nipple ring, wasn't it?) Rihanna reportedly responded by butt-chugging a 26-er of Bajan rum and posting the pix to Twitter instead.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I gotta get me a Twitter account, pronto.