Thursday, 17 September 2015


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A PAID GOON WARNS A WOMAN to stop taking pictures of the Biebs at a riding stable. Woman: "That's the Biebs? I thought I was taking a picture of a horse's ass!" 
TMZ framegrab

In case the street racing, the sizzurp-swilling, the whorebanging and the general overpowering stench of nitwittitude haven't already turned you against him, Justin Bieber has now decided to take umbrage when the sad creatures who still find him worthy of adulation try to take pictures of him. 

Two days ago he allegedly snatched a woman's cellphone right out of her hand at a mini-golf course for the grievous offence, and now we hear he pulled a similar hissie fit at a riding stable just hours earlier.
TMZ reports that a woman was at Circle K Stables in Burbank, CA, with her horse when Bieber pulled up to go horseback riding. (I'm told he vastly prefers this to shoulder-riding now that he's grown up.) Mistaking this for an occurrence worth giving a shit about, the woman whipped out her cellphone and tried to capture a picture of him, and the Biebs immediately lost his three remaining marbles, calling her a "bitch" and sending a passel of security goons over to intimidate her.

Although in his defence (and, wonderful, my keyboard just blew up) the Biebs is dealing with a lot of stress these days because yo, it's not easy being a black man trapped in a white man's body.