Monday, 12 May 2014


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VICTORIA BECKHAM TWEETED THIS PHOTO of her implant-free chest for no apparent reason whatsoever. As for all the wires and gadgets and measuring going on, who knows? I stopped expecting celebrity tweets to make sense the day Miley got a Twitter account.

Victoria Beckham has shared a personal, private and some would say ridiculous moment by having someone (possibly even her 11-year-old son, Romeo; I put nothing past this woman) tweet this random photo of her chest. 

Because you know how sometimes you want to register on the public's radar but you have absolutely nothing interesting or newsworthy to share with anyone, and so you are forced to tweet out knocker shots because some people will click on anything, literally anything, that looks like a boob? Yeah, that's what this picture is. The quiet desperation of a woman who has had her absurd cantelope implants removed and wrongly assumes that we will respect her more now because hey, we went mad for Angelina when she bravely opted to have her real breasts removed, right? 

Except that on no planet anywhere does Posh minus fake hooters equal Angelina, so, sorry, kiddo. This photo will be getting filed under "click bait."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Speak for yourself. I think her tiny perfect bosoms are amazing!
MY NOTE: There you go, Posh, your knocker shot wins the Leering Moron Stamp of Approval. You might want to just kill yourself now.