Wednesday, 11 June 2014


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HERE'S DAVE CHAPPELLE PONDERING A QUESTION  he has absolutely no intention of answering during a rare appearance on Letterman last night.  

Runaway comedian Dave Chappelle resurfaced after a seven-year hiatus last night, showing up on David Letterman to "explain" why he walked away from the wildly successful Chappelle Show and the $50 million that accompanied it. 

Which, in case memory doesn't serve, he did in a bizarre disappearing act when he simply walked off the set and boarded a plane for South Africa, apparently telling no one, not even his wife. As people experiencing meltdowns often do. (Not that I'm judging because there are days when the thought of walking out my front door and directly onto a getaway jet is terrifyingly appealing, the only difference being that I don't actually do it. And that South Africa is almost never the fantasy destination.)

So what did Chappelle have to say about the only thing any of us really wanted to know? Good question. Unfortunately, he had nothing but coy, rambling, well-nigh incoherent answers that hint at many things, not the least of which is the fact that he still doesn't have a goddam clue why he did it. 

Therefore, while the Internet Googles itself into a bipolar froth trying to "decode" the cryptic messages in Chappelle's answers last night, I'm going to save the rest of you a helluva lot of time and tell you the real reason he did what he did: mental illness. It's not that deep. 
Watch the video, below, and tell me if you don't agree that there are still some dark clouds hovering over this man's clever but prickly head.