Saturday, 14 June 2014


Jennifer Lopez, JLo, Casper Smart, Sofie Vissa, Xristina Marie,
JENNIFER LOPEZ LET WEE CASPER TAKE HIS TOYS WITH HIM when he moved out. And I am not referring to his dildo collection, although now that you mention it ... 

Casper Smart, the probably gay backup dancer who ruined a perfectly good paying gig as JLo's boyfriend by getting caught sexting hot trannies (and wonderful, I just barfed all over my keyboard), got a lot of things out of his two-year boytoy stint, but money apparently wasn't one of them. According to TMZ, Smart was allowed to take his toys with him when he left the unmarital home, including two motorcycles, a Jeep and a Dodge Ram (and his testicles, which frankly, if I were JLo, I'd have lopped off with a pair of pinking shears in a fit of rage). 

But what he did not leave with, according to TMZ, is money. Because he didn't ask for any. So either Casper Smart is the most decent fake heterosexual cheater ever or Jennifer Lopez has some very damning dirt on him. Not that that's likely because what kind of dirt could one have on someone who enjoys this sort of thing? Except possibly a flurry of sext messages between him and Bruce Jenner. In which case it would be an actual sin NOT to share them, Jennifer Lopez. Please. I am begging you.