Sunday, 8 June 2014


sofie vissa, xristina marie, jennifer lopez, casper smart, jlo,
JENNIFER LOPEZ AND CASPER SMART HAD A BEAUTIFUL May-September, boss-marries-secretary relationship until those trannies came along and ruined everything.

Sofie Vissa, the tranny who allegedly lit a fire in Casper Smart's tranny-loving loins, is now doing what every famewhore in Hollywood does these days: selling her story to the highest bidder. (Editor: Can we really use the word "her" here? Me: Fine. "Its story." You're right, that does sound better.) 

You may have been following the lurid story that Jennifer Lopez's backup dancer/boyfriend has been sexting transsexual models behind her back? And that "a source" called the story laughable until a better excuse could be thought up, and that excuse was "Oh, we forgot to tell you: JLo broke up with Casper six weeks ago so technically, he wasn't cheating on her"? Yeah. I don't know what she's paying her people but whatever it is, it's too much. 

Anyway, Sofie Vissa is now fucking everything up for JLo's worker bees by singing like a female canary with a penis. Sofie tells In Touch magazine that she it "has remorse" for what it did. So much so that it remorsefully shared this exclusive text of Casper with his pants hanging off with the magazine along with what I hereby nominate as my "best accidentally hilarious tranny quote of the year" submission: "He is obviously looking to fill some void." *reads quote out loud, titters* EDITOR! Get me a subscription to In Touch, will you? That shit is brilliant!