Tuesday, 8 July 2014


WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE (besides everything)?
Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez going at it like chipmunks on a boat in Sardinia.  

I must apologize for the abnormal levels of debauchery in today's instalment of Other People's Whorrors. It's not my fault, I think there's a full moon. Plus apparently we're feeding hormones to our farm animals. That stuff winds up IN OUR SEX PARTS, you guys! (Go vegan. It's not too late. Although the food sucks ...) 
Anyway, to begin, the Internets are having a spaz over these Twitter pics of Zac Efron engaging in the sort of tasteful PDA we have come to expect of anyone who strays within five yards of Michelle Rodriguez and her lesbian loins of doom. But let's face it, the big deal here is that they're both gender-confused, so the only people who get this picture are dyslexics. "It's a girl (right) kissing a boy!" they're chirping merrily. "It makes perfect sense!" 
Click the links below to see the photos and enjoy the delicious rush of sexual confusion I experience every time I look at a picture of Cheyenne Jackson. "Are you SURE you're gay?" I keep asking him. And he never answers. HE NEVER ANSWERS! 

Heat stroke makes you do crazy things, amirite Zac Efron? PEOPLE

Beyonce's dad needs some elevator time with Solange, stat. TMZ

George Clooney is going to have problems with the mother-in-law. DLISTED

Kim Kardashian donated her butt to homeland security. TheSUPERFICIAL
Jennifer Lawrence's dress is one sneeze away from disaster. FISHWRAPPER