Wednesday, 6 August 2014


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"Why don't YOU run for mayor? At least you pay for your own vehicle."  
Brampton Batman on Canada AM  

I woke up to the delicious aroma of roast swine this morning and was completely mystified. And then I turned on the television and saw that Brampton's funds-sucking Mayor Susan Funnell is being grilled in council chambers for repeatedly breaching spending rules. (Editor's note: It's "Fennell." My note: I beg to differ.) 

For those of you who don't live here, CONGRATULATIONS! Yes, even you there, reading this in Nigeria in head-to-toe Ebola protective gear, CONGRATULATIONS! It's better where you are. Because not only is Funnell a charmless, shameless, flagrant spendthrift who wastes taxpayers' money on the most vapid personal indulgences I particularly love that she spent $1300 on Mandarin lessons and $220 on forty-four IQ tests. Jesus Christ, woman; if the first 20 told you you're a dumb-arse, you're a dumb-arse! but she has what appears to be zero qualms about it. In fact, she blames her accusers. As does a certain other buttery magistrate who at least has the excellent excuse of being a crack-smoking alcoholic. 

In fact, about the only thing that makes this hideous berg bearable is the fact that it has its own superhero. I refer, of course, to Brampton Batman. In case you missed it, Brampton Batman was on Canada AM showing off the car I see on a regular basis while waiting for the GO bus. I've attempted to hitch a ride at least three times but since I wasn't wearing either a Catwoman outfit or this proven manbait he drove right past me as if I were invisible. 

And speaking of evil Brampton needs to be ridded of, let's return to basting our roast Funnell, shall we? I almost had a goddam eyeball seizure when I saw this provably insane Tweet she posted last week: "THE TRUTH MATTERS." Check out the video in which she defiles all that is barely tolerable in Brampton (that being Gage Park) just by standing in front of it. Brampton Batman? It's time to make yourself useful ...