Thursday, 7 August 2014


susan fennell, katy perry, dark horse, baby crying, brampton, san grewal,
 Brampton's ghastly Mayor Susan Fennell, 
this priceless video of a crying baby who 
goes absolutely berserk over Katy Perry 
almost got forgotten. You're goddam right 
I'm gonna try this on Piggly Wiggly.
I could start our day off by ranting afresh about the horror that is Brampton's funds-sucking Mayor Susan Fennell, but there are others who are doing a fine job of that ... that would be you, San Grewal ... so I'll just move briskly on to something much more adorable. Which would be practically anything. I mean really, Susan, a goddam MULLET? With all the money you've raped from us, you can't afford a hairdo that doesn't make you look like Miley Cyrus's mean lesbian Auntie Sue? 
Argh. Where was I? (Editor's note: You were saying you weren't going to talk about Susan Fennell. My note: Ah yes. Well I lied. We'll call it the trickle-down effect.)

So as I was saying: babies. Contrary to almost every post I've written since January, I'm not usually the type to go gaga over pants-wetters, but this video of a crying tot freaking out over Katy Perry's Dark Horse is the funniest thing I've ever seen (not counting that time Rob Ford walked into a camera, cuz nothing's ever gonna beat that). 

I'm not sure what it is about Katy Perry and her magical mystical bubblegum sounds that make everyone lose their damn marbles (Editor's note: Boobs) but even Vin Diesel made a complete arse of himself over this song in the sad lonely privacy of his own home. The difference being that he can't blame his mom for posting it to YouTube. Or maybe he can. I don't need to know what goes on in that house, especially if it's that. 

And while I can't guarantee that this video will make Katy Perry any less annoying, I definitely can guarantee that it will make you smile. Because, seriously the kid waits for the beat to drop! If you don't laugh out loud at exactly the 11-second mark, you are not human SUSAN FENNELL.