Friday, 15 August 2014


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Michael Avedon/CR Fashion Book

Yay! It's Friday. And although it's almost noon I'm not even the least bit drunk as a lemur, so let's celebrate my saint-like morals by mocking the Kardashians' complete lack of them. Because here is Kimye's baby, North West, making her modelling debut in CR Fashion Book wearing diamond earrings and goddam Chanel at age 13 months. 
As I'm always saying to Piggly Wiggly's mother, it's never to soon to pimp your own child out to the highest bidder. In fact, considering this is the Kardashians we're dealing with, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. If they could've got that in-utero camera back out of pregnant Kim's vagina instead of having it swallow it alive in what onlookers would later describe as the most terrifying thing they've ever witnessed ("It's like it had teeth!"), I'm sure it would have. In fact, why does this kid have clothes on? Kris Jenner obviously had nothing to do with this photo shoot.

In other Kardashian horrors, we have the little missus revealing what little North West's first words were: “Mama,” “Dada,” or “How much does it pay?” and also stepping out in a tasteful outfit that will leave no doubt as to why Anna Wintour put her on the cover of Vogue magazine. The woman is nothing if not an unstoppable tsunami of flesh a fashion icon. TheSuperficial