Thursday, 4 September 2014


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... in fact it's basically on the ground now ... with its latest edition, featuring Kim Kardashian in various states of tasteful repose.  

While everyone else in Hollywood is losing their ever-loving mind over having their nude photos hacked from iCloud, Kim Kardashian is running in the opposite direction as fast as her cloven hooves will carry her. Kim, who was presented with GQ's Woman of the Year award on Tuesdaya prize some might argue should have gone to almost any other woman —  has cleverly stolen the hackers' thunder by peeling off the few items of ugly clothing she was wearing and posing nude for a British GQ spread. As any good mother would, should the opportunity present itself. 

Why if I had a nickel for every time my own daughter, Piggly Wiggly's mom, wistfully sighed: "I'm a little short on diaper money, do you think my innocent baby and her dad would mind if I became a stripper?", I'd have zero nickels. 
Not that I'm bragging. Oh hell no. It's precisely those useless "values" that keep our family living in a townhouse in butt-ugly Brampton while Kimye lives in a $6-million mansion and pays 14 nannies to decide which pair of diamond earrings they're going to stick in their baby's virginal ears today. *hears pages rustling, cuffs moron editor with whisky tumbler* Don't tell me you expensed that GQ magazine, you pathetic twaddling manwhore! You might as well just insert your paycheque directly into her vagina! 

New mom Kim Kardashian posed naked for GQ. Is anyone surprised? HuffingtonPost

In honour of her outrageous life, here's Joan Rivers cracking wise about her death. God love 'er, the mad bitch. TheFrisky

Keep this sort of nonsense up, Jennifer Lopez, and no one will take you seriously as a musician anymore. BAHAHAA! Fishwrapper

Here's porn star Ron Jeremy putting something in his mouth, and it's not what you think. TMZ

In case you're having no luck with that diet, these pictures of Kate Olsen being eaten alive by her ancient boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy should help put you off your dinner. Forever. HuffingtonPost