Friday, 12 September 2014


robin givens, time, rob ford, oscar pistorius, ray rice, mike tyson,
and I think everyone and their goddam brother should hear it.

Whew! WTF! And also, holy flipping shit!  Is it just me, ladies, or has this been the week that Our Maker chose to show us how desperately men want to kill us and how desperately no one wants to believe that? I mean, look, I'm a pretty tough chick; I've been through a lot and I came out the other end with my head and both middle fingers held high (you don't even know), so a week like this? A week in which Ray Rice basically gets a full presidential pardon for beating his fiancee senseless and Oscar Pistorius gets a judicial pass for murdering his "beloved"? It touches some nerves.

Okay, I've had a few stiff shots of The Botanist and I'm feeling better now. So let me just regroup and start from the beginning: TMZ, in its tireless doing of the Lord's work, publishes a video that shows Ray Rice coming this close to murdering Janay Palmer. Who shortly thereafter marries him and comes to his bristling defence because, hello, that's what abuse victims do. Not one day later, convicted rapist and woman beater Mike Tyson makes headlines by aligning himself with Rob Ford, who gleefully bleats that they are "cut from the same cloth." (Which, to be fair to Mike, is a bit of a cheap shot since I don't recall him ever mowing down elderly women in public.)

The syncronicity of these events is not lost on Tyson's ex-wife Robin Givens, who turns to Time Magazine in an attempt to help someone, anyone, out there who might be listening and desperate to escape her abusive nightmare. And who might justifiably conclude that A) it's hopeless and B) she's crazy, because she watches the news and sees the sort of circus I've just described, above.

It's a painfully insightful article told by a woman who, if we're being honest, I never thought much of back in the day. Now that I'm older and have had my eyes opened and reopened and horrifically, forcibly reopened on an almost daily basis for some 20 years now, I see her and women in general in a whole new light. 

If you read just two things today, make sure Whorrified is one of them and Robin's article about the night she thought she was going to die is the other. It should be required reading for everyone heading into a relationship, for anyone trying to get out of one, for judges, for mayors, and most of all, for that goddam patriarchal moron Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner. If next week doesn't start off with him being fired, I am gonna need a lot more gin.