Saturday, 20 September 2014


paris hilton, pomeranian, mr. amazing, piggly wiggly, uggs

Reason No. 1 I'm glad I'm not filthy rich (and who am I kidding, there are no other reasons, because who doesn't want to be filthy rich?): These teeny tiny adorable Uggs, perfect for a pair of fat little Piggly Wiggly feet. 

I found these while visiting my tiny adorable granddaughter yesterday, and I literally squealed in that way full-grown women do when they see something so cute they start speaking in tongues. Pig tongues. "Look at those teeny tiny little baby Uggs OMG SQUEEEEE!" Thank God someone was there to slap me (Moron Editor: "You're welcome") before any of my fans could see me. I have a reputation to live down to. 

Anyway, Paris Hilton may be the proud owner of the world's smallest Pomeranian, but Piggly Wiggly is the proud owner of the world's smallest Uggs. And they didn't cost no stinkin' $13,000. And they're about 100 times cuter than "Mr. Amazing." And they don't shit on the floor. *raises clenched fist* POVERTY FOREVER!

PARIS HILTON'S NOTE: Teeny tiny Uggs, OMG, SQUEEEE! What kind of animal are they made out of? Do they have furry ones? 
MY NOTE: Somebody keep an eye on that dog of hers.