Monday, 20 October 2014


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Even when he should. 
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While the rest of the country was reeling in horror at the tragedy unfolding in our nation's capital, Doug Ford was busily going about the business of being a misogynistic disgrace to the mayoral campaign, the city and to the entire male gender because, hey, when a dame gets outta line ya gotta let her know, amirite folks? It's written right there in the Ford family coat of arms (except in English, because Latin's for them Pride paraders and such. *Psst: you spelled "alpha male" wrong*).

The incident happened after a debate last night, when Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro completely misunderstood her assignment and thought she was there to ask questions. Doug Ford took great umbrage to this and flatly refused to answer her. As he always does when faced with uppity females, don't you broads know that by now? The man raised a girl to be a lingerie footballer, for God's sake! And to know that she'll get "her ass chewed out from one end to the other" if she gets out of order. (Yeah, I only wish I were kidding about that one.) 

Which would have been bad enough, but then, as he walked out of the CTV debate studio with his wife and daughter, Doug's inner hillbilly got the best of him and he hissed, "I can't stand that little bitch." A slur he later denied but which was overheard by people others actually respect, such as a Star photojournalist and a CTV producer. 
“I can confirm that a CTV producer heard this,” said Joanne MacDonald, vice-president at CTV News and general manager of CP24.

When confronted about the remark, Doug claimed he was simply referring to someone else. Oh, you meant some other woman is a little bitch. That's okay then! Where do I vote?
Jesus Christ, Doug Ford and the entire Ford clan. I'd say go back to your trailer park but that's an insult to trailer parks.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hey! I'll have you know I was born and raised in a trailer park!
MY NOTE: I would never have guessed.