Thursday, 27 November 2014


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Kris Jenner has a new boyfriend named Corey Gamble and, in keeping with family dating tradition, he's black. And also 26 years her junior and employed by Justin Bieber. This triumvirate of facts is shocking the hell out of everyone even though they ought to know better by now, because my God, have they not seen Kris Jenner doing this? The woman is FULL of surprises (and you can see almost all of them when she bends over like that). 

Besides, let's be honest: She lived with a creepy white lady disguised as a eunuch for 23 friggin years. If you were in her shoes your vagina would jump at the first testosterone-fuelled golddigger (oh pardon me: "gentleman") who came along, too. Not that I'm suggesting this relationship is all about sex. I'm sure these two have tons in common and lots to talk about (while they're "packing on the PDA" at nightclubs and did I mention that Kris Jenner is 59?). Much as Hugh Hefner and his brigade of D-cupped dimwits have tons in common and lots to talk about. I just don't want to know what any of it is. No, I'm serious. The day THAT sex tape gets leaked is the day I let my moron editor take over. He has a much stronger stomach for liverspotted porn ... or so I surmise from his secret DVD collection. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're referring to Twerk Them Hip Replacements, that was a gift!
MY NOTE: Which I'm sure you earned.