Sunday, 30 November 2014


#ICantBreathe, Eric Garner, NYPD, chokehold, Chris Rock, grand jury,
by murdering illegal cigarette purveyor Eric Garner. 

Less than two weeks after a Missouri grand jury kissed the lily-white arse of a homicidal white police officer by refusing to indict him for shooting Michael Brown, a New York grand jury has given a full frontal blow job to the homicidal white police officers who straight-up murdered a black man for the grievous offence of selling black-market cigarettes. 

The streets of New York are at this very moment erupting in outrage upon hearing the verdict in the case of Eric Garner vs. police officer Daniel Pantaleo and his "unauthorized chokehold." The video of Garner's horrific last moments will make your blood run cold. It will also transport you directly back to 1940s Savannah, Georgia, where blacks could be and were lynched for nothing more than saying "My name isn't Charlie, it's George.

I'd love to be able to say that here in Canada, where we don't have the awful taint of slavery staining our history, things are so much better, except things keep happening that make a complete arse of that notion so whumpf. If you "law enforcement officials" still don't get why no one in their right mind would ever want to help you in your investigations, this is why: They're afraid you'll kill someone. With the SIU's blessing.

And by the way, President Barack Obama, shame on you too. As a black man who just happens to be LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, you could and should be doing a helluva lot more here. Jesus Christ, even Chris Rock has more to say about the plight of the black man in 21st-century America. #ICantBreathe, indeed.