Monday, 1 December 2014


Yay! It's the first of December, that magical period that heralds the advent of Christmas without any of the attendant panic that will bear down on you like hard labour pains later in the month. It's a time when the dreams and plans are glorious, a time when we envision baking shortbread and trimming trees and taking pictures with Santy Claus. Speaking of which, my daughter sent me this squeeelicious photo of my little Piggly Wiggly paying her first visit to Santa. And after I recovered from the complete emotional breakdown brought on by realizing I had missed this momentous event (*sees daughter's phone number lighting up on cellphone, hits REJECT* "Too late; I've already had my will altered. Pig Face will be getting everything") I decided this photo is the balsam-scented essence of the season. Absolutely everything about it, from the look on little Piggly's face ... "I'm kind of terrified by this felt-clad possible pervert but my mom's right there and she's smiling so I guess this is fun?" ... to the comforting ersatziness of the backdrop makes my heart clench with love and happiness. In fact, I'm feeling so full of the milk of human kindness (at least I think it's milk) I've decided to tart this picture up with all kinds of interactive Christmassy doodads, which you will find by hovering over the image, for your viewing pleasure. Consider it my early Christmas present to you! (I'll send you the bill later.)