Monday, 1 June 2015


lena dunham, nipple pasties, golden globes,
Because living in a country that literally tries to kill you each and every January is not sufficient temporal punishment for our sins, I, as a badly lapsed Catholic, feel compelled to share this photo of Lena Dunham's nipple pasties with you. Dunham posted this terrifying picture to Instagram just before the Golden Globes on the pretext of showing us the great care she was taking to ensure  her duck fat nipples were not exposed on national TV, but give me a break. Steel spikes couldn't have poked through that goddawful sheet of aluminum she wore to the festivities. This was just a gratuitous nipple flash, girlfriend. Don't try to pretend it was a higher calling. 

Although to be fair, it's a helluva lot less upchucky than that time she dyed her hair green to match her teeth. Shudder. I'll spare you that horror unless of course you think you'd enjoy it, in which case by all means, have a look. Oh, I'm sorry, your heart stopped? Yeah, well I warned you.