Monday, 12 January 2015


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As promised, here are some photos from the social event of the year, if not the century: Piggly Wiggly's first birthday. Many thanks to those of you who helped choose her party dress by taking the Piggly poll, below: as you can see, we honoured our promise to have her wear the dress you chose. This was quite magnanimous of us because although it should have been an open-and-shut cakewalk for the pink and tulle dress it's clearly the princessyier of the two frocks somehow the majority of you thought otherwise, so red satin with polka dots it was. Until she destroyed it by plunging into her cake like she was hunting for truffles. We then had no choice but to change her into the pink and tulle. (It's not my fault you chose wrong.)

All in all it was a fabulous albeit exhausting day, most of which Piggly either cried, made strange or napped through, but the main thing is she scored an obscene amount of loot. And I got to scarf back an obscene amount of Guyanese food because my daughter had the good sense to marry into a cookin' family. I'd share more pictures with you but they'd all be of the tops of people's heads as they dove for the floor because I can't point a phone at anyone anymore without having them screech: "DONT YOU DARE PUT ME ON THAT BLOG!" As if that's such a terrible thing. I do it to Kim Kardashian all the time and she hasn't complained once!