Sunday, 18 January 2015


Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk, Andressa Urach, Miss Bum Bum,
 and his newly ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk, in happier times. (Note to self: Consider getting a subscription to Spanish Vogue ...) 
Vogue Espana

Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo seems like an arrogant arsehole at the best of times so I don't find rumours that he cheated on his girlfriend with Brazilian "Miss Bum Bum" contestant Andressa Urach the least bit hard to believe. Nor do I find it hard to believe that his girlfriend, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and a bit of a Miss Bum Bum herself, has finally had enough of his incessant studmuffining and gave him the toss. 

According to Page Six, Ronaldo's people are claiming that Ronaldo dumped Irina Shayk because she didn't attend the 60th birthday party of his mother, Dolores. (Nor would I, if I were her; the urge to scream "YOUR SON IS A WHORE!" would be uncontrollable.) Irina's people say that's complete bullshit, noting Irina has no problem with Cristiano's family. Witheringly tacit implication: "Dolores isn't the one who slept with Miss Bum Bum." And although Whorrified doesn't usually report on soccer star infidelities because good lord, if I opened that door I'd never get anything else done, I felt morally obliged to share this one with you because ... well frankly it was just an excuse to run this picture. I mean really. What is that man made of, Portuguese marble?

Lastly, for your added viewing pleasure, here is one of Miss Bum Bum's many many many Instagram photos, below. She seems like a nice young lady and I certainly hope Irina Shayk is up-to-date on her tetanus shots.

Instagram/Andressa Urach