Thursday, 15 January 2015


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Despite the fact that he has long, flowing locks, dainty shell-pink nails and the budding bosoms of a transvestite schoolgirl, Bruce Jenner is sad. And it's all because of a stupid magazine. In Touch is setting the Internet on fire with this week's craptastic cover, which features an amateurishly photoshopped image of Bruce and the headline "My life as a woman." This highly principled display of journalism has reportedly got Bruce's knickers in a twist because not only did they use an ugly shade of lipstick, they didn't even bother to contour his rouge. Plus he was allegedly planning to come out as a lady in his own time, on the cover of The Advocate, and now the secret is out.
Aw, cheer up, Bruce. It wasn't really a secret anyway. 
In other celebrifart news:

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