Tuesday, 3 February 2015


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As most of you know, snarkasm is one of the services I offer. Bitchiness is the other. (That's right, there are only two services. You want more services? Perhaps you should be reading Lindsay Lohan's blog. I hear "services" are her specialty.) However, I was moved to a rare place of compassion when I heard that Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21, was found unconscious in a bathtub on Saturday ... almost three years to the day since her mother, the legendary Whitney Houston, was found dead in a bathtub. 

This news literally stopped my vicious tongue in its tracks, because although many people have sent me links to this news item with the obvious expectation that I would mock the everloving shite out of it, I simply can't. There is nothing other than tragedy about this situation. This is a child who had a chaotic life when her mother was alive and living with Bobby Brown, who then lost her mother, to whom she was reportedly extremely close, and was left with nothing but a crack addict as a dad and an adopted brother as a boyfriend.

True, she was also left Whitney's entire multimillion-dollar estate ... which probably explains her brother-boyfriend's sudden creepy passion ... but money means nothing when the love of your life has left it, as this horrific turn of events proves. Bobbi is now on a ventilator with probable brain damage and at one point doctors asked family members to consider pulling the plug. (Page Six reports she's moving her eyes now and is doing a bit better.) It's obvious the poor kid felt she had nothing left to live for. As a mother and as a human being, I can barely comprehend the sadness of it. I am at a loss for any words other than simply, "May God bless you, Bobbi. You deserved a better life. I sincerely hope you find it."  

EDITOR'S NOTE Good God, woman! You've gone soft! ... Can I have a raise?
MY NOTE Certainly. *pulls plug on editor's ventilator* Moron.