Thursday, 19 February 2015


cindy crawford, unretouched, marie claire, ryan gosling,
has the 48-year-old women of the world turning cartwheels.

I'm writing this while enjoying my Krispy Kreme breakfast sandwich even more than usual because holy crap, I've just seen this "unretouched" photo of Cindy Crawford and now I think I might be model material. According to a statement on Marie-Claire's website,  the photo was taken during a  photo shoot for the magazine's MC Mexico December 2013 edition, and "appears to be a leak." But regardless of how or why it made its way onto the world wide web, it's there now and it is MAKING SOME NOISE. Particularly among women, who are losing their minds over the fact that one of the world's ultimate sexpots actually looks like any attractive woman would at age 48 and after having two children. 

However, if I may be churlish and contrary for a moment as per usual, may I just say that what I find even more gobsmacking than Cindy's completely normal midsection is the fact that she was comfortable baring it for a photo shoot because she knew that the end result would look nothing like this. Nothing. Which really makes you realize how fearlessly they wield those airbrushing knives, doesn't it? It also makes you wonder if maybe this photo has been altered to make it look worse than usual. If you can airbrush crap out, surely you can airbrush crap in, right? Goddamit. I'm so confused; I don't know what's real anymore. This never happens when I look at pictures of Ryan Gosling ...